Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Training Tips for Your Cat

A cat has a short attention and the trainer must keep the cat focused with repetitive training and treats as a reward.    In order to successfully train your cat you must implement a routine.  Plan on training your cat at the same time every day and reward them with a treat and your cats will please.  

I clicker trained all five of my cats with a daily routine.  I use the training period to interact with all of my cats.  The time is well spent as it is good for overall cat behavior. 
My cats are well trained to the clicking sound.  I can easily call them to the training room even when I am sitting at my desk.  One click and my cats will stop whatever they are doing and will run to where I am, and sit all around my feet.  They wait patiently for their delicious treat.  

The cats will respond to the clicker but if I do not deliver the treat then they will become disinterested and will display signs of bad behavior; hissing, snarling and overall grumpy behavior.

  • I started training classes for my cats on a daily basis. The daily training is a good way to improve the cat and human bond.  
  • Give your cat a small portion of the treat, so they get a taste.  It is better to give your cat a small treat to get their attention. If your cat loves the treats they will follow you anywhere.  Which means cats that need to shed some extra pounds will eagerly follow you and your clicker all over the house.
  • Provide your cat with treat immediately after training the cat a new trick or after you click.  
  • Click once per behavior, if you click multiple times you will confuse your cat.

  • All rescued cats are clicker trained immediately as it helps with the adjustment period of being taken into the shelter. 
  • It is best to get all cat acclimated to a daily routine.  I find that the training helps the rescued cat to bond quicker with the human.
  • Cats that are trained with a clicker are more social.  

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