Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Found Declawed Aegean Mix Cat

For the last seven days I have watched a white and black Aegean cat go into my greenhouse to eat from the feral cat food bowl.  I assumed the cat was visiting my feeding station to get a snack and then going back to his home because the cat  wore a leather collar (not a breakaway) with no tag.

My neighbor informed me that the cat was crying and that it was coming from the woods.  This is an indication that cat is either in heat or is lost and scared.
Markings of lost cat - Front view

Today the cat came to the feeding station twice and then early evening in the woods a tomcat took after him/her and the lost cat tried to climb the tree but fell.  My husband and I were in the woods hiking and ran to the aid of the lost cat.  The cat with collar leaped into my arms and I took the cat back for evaluation.

The cat suffered a bite wound to the tail and on his leg.  The cat was shaking like leaf and meowing loudly
Ear tip torn - side face and collar

I examined the cat and found it was declawed all four paws.  No way to defend itself, no way to hunt and no way to be safe in a forest full of coyote and other wild animals.  I took the cat to our garage cat shelter.  Gave it a bed, litter box, food and water and turned on the light.  The cat is obviously lost and does not know how to go home.
Side view of lost cat

My veterinarian told me that 93% of the house cats that go outdoors get lost and do not know how to find their home.  I think this is true especially if they are not accustomed to going outdoors.  I am glad that I was at the right place at the right time and able to rescue this cat from harm.

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