Thursday, October 31, 2013

Found Declawed Kitten in Woods Update

The last three days have been very busy as I have been networking our community for the Aegean cat owners.  Along with the neighborhood search I have also posted on the Humane Society website and added flyers to veternarian bulletin boards in our community.  Hopefully that will enable us to reunite kitten with its owners.

Today we are taking the kitty for a microchip scan which will identify the owners. Should the cat have no microchip then it will be evaluated by a veterinarian as it endured a flesh wound from a possible fight with another cat.  The kitten also shows signs of cold, sneezing, coughing eye drainage, and has diarrhea. 
Well defined face with white fur 
My cat says HI to found kitten

  1. The Aegean kitten is approximately five months old and appears to be well cared for.has a shiny coat is groomed with no mats.  There are two new bite wounds and evidence of old bite wounds. I suspect this kitten has been outdoors a long time.
  2. Finding a cat owner is never easy as most owners do not report their cats as missing. 
  3. A declawed cat should never be allowed to go outdoors as it has no way to protect itself from a predator, cannot forage, unable to climb a tree to escape a dog. A declawed housecat has no idea of how to seek shelter from weather or harm.

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