Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rescue Kitten Goes to Photo Shoot

I am not sure if it because the rescue kitten is used to me but she will not sit still long enough for me to get a photo for her adoption papers/flyer. Know that when you intend to pass out flyers of a cat or kitten that a darling photo is a must. Kittens with bows in their hair, sitting in a flower pot are so darling and will dug on the adopters heartstrings.  Try as I may this little rescue is a ball of energy and she does not want to sit still, she wants to play with her toys and my housecats.
Kitten by
Example of perfect photograph for cat adoption flyer

So I made an appointment with a pet groomer to bathe Purl, clip her claws and brush her so she is fluffy. Then I asked her to do a pet photo shoot. The appointment is on Monday and I will bring Purl in to the groomers in the morning along with her security stuffed cookie monster teething toy. Yes Purl has a stuffed toy that she sleeps with and bites. The toy will provide her with security if she is scared of the new surroundings.

We have had quite a few pet adopters that were interested in Purl but none were the right fit. Know that we do not adopt our rescue cats to anybody. Our cats are only placed when we know that it is the forever home. We do not want Purl to be put out of the house when she becomes an adult.  

We check to make sure that the apartment or rental home allows pets, know that so many people think they can have pets, sneak the cat in and not get caught. Then you have to find out about the other pets in the house.  I have had pending cat adopters tell me that they have four cats that do not need vaccines and are not spayed or neutered.   This is a red flag and no way is Purl going to that home.  

We have a list of questions that we ask and if people give us an attitude then the adoption process ends.   So far I have placed several cats in forever homes and you bet I have been lucky. 

Here is one of the flyers that I use, the information is on the backside.  Two photographs of cat are needed for this template.

I am certain we will find good people that will love this little Purl for the rest of her life.

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