Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Feral Cat Photograph Calendar

Two of my neighbors who have supported my cause and have helped me to take care of the feral cats in our community asked me if I would make them a cat calendar from the photographs that I have taken of the cats in the TNR program.
Feral Cat in the Fall Season

These cats are feral and cannot be socialized so they reside in thicket dens and small crevices in the rocks that are located in a dense woods of 25 acres. We have watched over this feral cat colony since 2004 and provide the cats with sterilization, vaccines, ear tagging, food, water and outdoor cat houses and shelters to keep them cool in the summer months and warm and dry in the winter months.

Over the years I have taken many photographs, however my favorite photographs make up this 2016 calendar. So I am sharing the calendar here so if any of my followers are interested, they can view and buy.

Note: The Manx Cat for the month of April was trapped when he was 6 months old and we did socialize him. It took three years for him to trust me. I know this because he had gotten out of the house and stressed out, meowing loudly. He finally let down his defense and came to me, allowing me to pick him up and once indoors and from that day forward this Manx cat has never let me out of his sight. Yes he will follow me to the bathroom and wait for me to get out of the shower. We call him Baby and he is a sweet cat.  So he was feral but we were able to socialize him.

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