Friday, September 6, 2013

Tips for Finding Lost Cats Home

We got up early this morning to network the neighborhood when many people outdoors.  It is necessary to take as many steps as needed to locate the Maine Coon cat that I found.

By putting the word out in the neighborhood that cat was found we are hoping that somebody will come forward with information about the cat.

Along with talking to people in the community we also posted “found cat flyers”.  I also placed a free classified advertisement in the lost and found section of the newspaper.  The classified for found MaineCoon cat will run over the weekend and hopefully somebody somewhere will have information about this lost cat.

Many people are not concerned with the whereabouts of their outdoor cat.  One neighbor said he does not worry about outdoor cat unless he his missing for a week. 

I know this to be tree as one summer a few years back a neighborhood cat left his home and walked three blocks before settling in my yard for the entire summer.  The cat hung out in my yard day and night.  I assumed the cat was going home at night but found out that he had chosen my yard as his summer retreat. 

Outdoor cats are funny, if left to wonder the neighborhood then will leave their home.

Hopefully I will be able to find this little Maine Coon cat’s people.
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