Thursday, September 5, 2013

Found Lost Maine Coon Cat at My Door

This evening at dusk a stray cat found his way to my side door and mowed loudly. The cat is an adult male Maine Coon cat that is either lost or abandoned.  

The cat greeted me by rubbing on my legs so I knew he was not feral,  I immediately checked his front paws and found that he was declawed.  This was an indication that he had no business being outdoors after dark with the feral tom cats and the coyote.  

I called my neighbor and asked about the cat and learned that the cat had been going door to door seeking food and shelter for about a week.  They suspected he was abandoned but could be lost.  There was no word on a lost cat in our neighborhood. 

found lost Main Coon Cat
Main Coon Cat

The cat followed me into to shelter and there I gave him  Friskies special diet canned food and a bowl of water.  After the cat finished licking the food bowl clean he came to where I sat and jumped up on a pillow that was sitting on a chair close to me.  He then lay down and wrapped his bushy tail around him and looked like he wanted to go to sleep. 

The cat will sleep well tonight in the shelter.  Poor thing outdoors with no claws.  Unable to climb a tree, or defend himself.  

Tomorrow I will post found cat flyers in my neighborhood and will run a classified for found cat in the newspaper.  If this cat is lost I will hopefully reunite him with his people.

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