Monday, January 4, 2016

Bombay Cat and Green Clover Wall Clock

This Bombay cat with its shiny coat sure does look gorgeous with green clover contrast and this photo clock makes or a fabulous gift for cat lover.

A few years ago this cat found my yard by the woods and decided to spend the summer with me.  At the time I thought he was visiting with the other neighborhood cats and going home at night.  But when six months past and weather started to change I realized that the cat had taken residency in my garden shed.

This regal looking black cat had ran away from his people after they had took in a queen cat and her kittens.    Know that I took many photographs of this mature cat, and that in the green clover photo he is age 16.  After reviewing all of the photographs I found that this photo was the best and that it works well when used as a wall clock

This clock would make a wonderful gift for a cat lover.  It is a good size wall clock for home office and will compliment any cat theme.

Bombay Cat Clock
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