Sunday, July 28, 2013

Keeping Newborn Orphaned Kittens Warm

If you rescue newborn kittens then you must keep the kittens warm.  A kitten that is separated from their mother is known as an orphaned kitten.  If you catch or trap an orphaned kitten that is under a month old they will need special care.

As soon as you catch the kitten it is important that the kitten stays warm.  Set up a kitten bed;  a cardboard box that is lined with a fleece blanket also add a heating pad that is set on low or a hot water bottle that is wrapped in a towel. 

Keep the kitten box in a warm room that has no draft.  One way that I keep kittnes warm is with a snuggle safe pet bed microwave heatign pag.  You heat the pad in your microwe and then set it underneath your kittens bedding , the heat area should be pushed to one side in the kitten box, so kittens can get close to the heat or move away. 

The heat pad  will keep kittens warm and comfortable for up to ten hours.  I use to keep the kittens fleece blanket warm with a hot water bottle but find the snuggle safe pet bed is better.  Check the heating pad monitor the temperature to make sure that the kitten is warm but not hot.

Orphaned newborn kittens in the wild is rare but there have been cases; mother cat has no milk and cannot nurse the kittens, or mother cat trapped by civic minded people, mother cat injured.   I always make a point to walk in the woods and listen for newborn kittens because one never knows if the mother cat is caring for them or has abandoned them.  

View this video to learn more about taking care of orphaned kittens

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