Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cosequin Joint Health Supplement for Cats

When a cat gets older they develop the same type of age related arthritis health conditions as humans.    It is very common for an older cat to get arthritis and there is prescription medication as well as cosequin joint health supplement that will nourish your cats joints and help mobility.

A few weeks ago I trapped a stray cat that was people friendly and I suspect was once a housecat.  I brought the cat into my shelter to examine and when I petted her she purred and rubbed her head on my hand.  I noted some stiffness in her joints and made an appointment for a wellness exam at my veterinarian. 

Upon wellness exam the veterinarian found moderate arthritis.  The veterinarian recommended nutramx cosequin joint supplement for cats.  Cosequin for cats helps to keep my cats mobile.  Within five day the stray cat was jumping up to the window seat and playing with cat toys.  

What I like about the supplement that nourishes her joint s is that the powder that I mixed into her canned food has natural chicken and tuna flavor.  It is easy to administer to cats because they like the taste.
The cosequin treatment will enable me to adopt the cat into a home where adults reside.  I find a cat that needs to be cared for is a good match with a person who lives alone and is a shut-in.  Caring for the cat is therapy for an adult senior citizen. 

Learn more about cat arthritis by viewing this YouTube video:

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