Monday, July 8, 2013

Abandoned Newborn Kittens Rescued

Summer is kitten season and my husband and I search daily in the woods for abandoned kittens in feral cat dens. 

A few days ago we found a den of six kittens that appeared to be newborns.  We watched the den but mother cat was nowhere.  Normally the mother cat will not leave newborn kittens and we suspected that she either abandoned her kittens or that she may have been trapped and taken in for spay and vaccines. We were not sure of the mother cat’s whereabouts but knew that we needed to care for the newborn kittens.

We rushed home to get a box and lined the box with a fleece blanket and grabbed a twin cotton sheet to cover the box and a flashlight.  We went back to the den and I needed to crawl into the den to catch all of the kittens.

All of the kittens were caught and taken to the veterinarian’s office. They received an exam, a combing for fleas and then were fed KMR®Powder Milk Replacer.  The kittens are in safe care and veterinarian in seeking a foster mother cat.

 I recommend that every animal rescuer should have on hand PetAg® Emergency Feeding Kits for newborn kitten. If you happen to rescue a newborn kitten to six weeks this kit will provide you with everything that you need; Kit contains 3/4 oz. pouch of KMR Powder, 2 oz. nursing bottle.  

If you are new to nursing a newborn kitten then this helpful kit includes a pamphlet to teach you how to feed a new born kitten with replacement milk.

View this video to learn how to bottle feed a kitten:

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