Friday, November 13, 2015

Are You a Cat in Human Form?

Recently a friend asked me if I was a cat in a human form and I responded by laughing but later I thought about it and well I am very much like a cat. In fact I think my husband could be a cat in human form also.

What is a Cat in Human Form?

Know that I am unable to give you a factual answer to this question but can give you my opinion and if you are interested then continue reading.

For all accounts I think a person who is really a cat would have characteristics and mannerisms that are cat like. As an example cats are not crazy about new people, new pets, or anything new or out of place. Move a chair to vacuum under and it is like you turned their happy home upside down. Cats are creatures of habit and do not like change, new people or new pets...same ole same ole is music to their ears. Like my cats I do not like new people, crowded room of people and it annoys when my husband moves a chair and does not put it back or puts the TV remote in the drawer and does not tell me where it is.  Its sorta like me moving the cats scratching post and not showing him where it is.  My cat gets confused and will show me that my actions are not cool and will scratch on the sofa.

Another characteristic that I have that is catlike is that I take naps, I do not sleep as much as my cats but if I am tired in the afternoon I will take a nap. Plus I rather enjoy sleeping. I sleep late and take my time at my morning routine. I will do my yoga and then file my nails and when that is done I may take a nap.

I am curious like a cat and just like a cat if I cannot figure out the solution to whatever intrigues me I will study and stare at the object of my affection and if I cannot solve the problem or the puzzle I will move onto something else. Know this is sorta like my cats watching a fly buzzing around the room. They will pursue it for awhile because it is entertaining, but they quickly get bored and will walk away from the fly. They will move on to other things, like the scratching post or the sun porch to take a nap.

Know that one of my pastimes is watching the wild birds that come to my yard, wild turkey, woodpeckers, crow, red tail hawk and find the birds to be fascinating. I will watch the wild birds through the lens of my camera and the cats will sit next to me watching the birds also.

So there you have it, I am a cat lover and could very well be a cat in human form.

The photos shown on this post are all rescue cats that I have cared for until they were adopted into their forever homes.
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