Friday, November 20, 2015

Interview Process for Rescue Kitten Begins

The rescue kitten that I found a few weeks back has put on weight, was weaned to eat Royal Canin baby cat food and has improved greatly in coordination. We had to take her to the veterinarian to get rid of the fleas and while kitten was there we learned that she was a Bengal Maine Coon mix, in good health and approximately four weeks old. Okay that was then and now; baby cat is six weeks old and we have started interviewing adopters for her forever home.

Learn more about found baby kitten here 

We had one adopter that we thought was a perfect match but after the interview process my husband said no. The women was a cat lover, but through the interview questions  I learned that all of her cats were kept outdoors, with under the deck as the shelter and that they were not current with veterinarian shots, spays or neuters. Husband crossed her off the list.

The other family that showed interest in rescue kitten would be a good fit if they agreed to keep cat indoors. In the past they let their other declawed cat outside  and it was killed by the neighbors two dogs. The women who wanted the kitten  had no problem keeping kitten indoors but she said she had no control over others in the house and suspected that they would leave the cat outdoors. 

Other than that we have one other person who has bonded with the kitten and has stated that they love her.   We feel it would be a perfect match, however at the present time this adopter cannot take in the kitten, but has stated they would help me to find her a home.

Purl goes in for grooming the first week of December, a bow will be put in her hair, there will be photographs taken and we will then put her up for adoption.  We are hoping that the person that bonded with her and said she loved her will take her.  But if not we must find a suitable home for her.

So the interview process has begun, we are weeding through the emails asking questions and are trying our best to find the right forever home for rescue kitten Purl.
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