Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yes Cats Communicate with Each Other

I am convinced that the feral and stray cats talk among themselves because every day a new cat finds their way to my feeding station. Some of the cats reside down the street, but that does not mean that they stay in their neighborhood. Nope you will see the cats waking down the street, then down my steep hill but instead of going to the park entrance they will turn and go down my sidewalk, all the way back to where the feeding station is. Look around and then sit down to eat.
Feral kittens hanging out by water bowl in my garage

This is why I think the cats talk among themselves. When they are hanging out they may say check out this house they put out tasty grain free kibble and fresh water. If cats did not communicate with each other than how would the cats from two blocks away know to come to my yard?
Two satisfied neighborhood cats at my feeding station by shed

Know that when I mention the cats communicating among themselves that my husband usually laughs at me. What do you think? Do cats tell each other where to get a good meal, shelter and a comfy hangout where dogs do not chase them?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cat Diets are NO FUN

Baby my rescued socialized Manx cat is obese and needs to go on a diet. Know that the Manx cat breed is generally a bigger cat. But when you cannot locate their ribs due to the layer of fat then it is time for a diet.

This is not Baby but is a good photo of Manx cat...see there is NO tail 

So Baby has to shed some pounds and we can no longer feed him Rachel Ray grain free food, because it is dry kibble and high in carbohydrates, plus there is not enough fluid in dry foods. So I am feeding all of our cats Friskees Special diet turkey and giblets canned food, because this food provides a balanced died that is low in carbs.

So the cat diet started today and it is not a FUN day for Baby.

My obese cat ate a half a can of the turkey food this morning and I will feed him the other half tonight. Know that this cat likes to eat and is acting like he is starving to death.  Today my cat had more activity due to the pacing and begging for food.

That  first day will be the hardest since my cat is used to getting temptations catnip treats in the afternoon and well he cannot have treats.  My veterinarian thinks that my cat is eating out of habit, and not because he is hungry. I will let you know in a week how Baby does with his diet.

Learn more about Manx cats here

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Paying People to Watch Cat Colony Questions

Recently I received a message from one of my blog followers that told me that they were a caretaker to a feral cat colony and that they were responsible for the colony as there were no other volunteers to help out with the feeding station and making sure cats had shelter or needed medical care This Cat Adoption Guide follower wanted to know if they should pay someone to watch over their cat colony when they go on vacation.

I would say it would be better to network for volunteers in your area that would care for the cats.  It is better to  have a cat lover as a caretaker.  Someone that is civic minded and does not mind donating their time to this worthy cause than to pay somebody.
Feral eat cat food in back garden a photo by Sgolis
One way to find people that are cat lovers in your area is to make up a flyer for cat caretakers and pass out in your neighborhood.  Ask your veternarian if you can hang the flyer on their bulletin board or contact the Cat Network or Alley cat allies and ask if there are any feral cat caretakers in your area. Also see if anyone at your church would be interested in volunteering their time to help care for your colony of cats.

Know that it hard to be solely responsible for a colony of cats and it is better to  know other civic minded people that will share in the duties of feeding the cats and chipping in for the food and or medical costs.  My husband helps me and I have two neighbors that donate their time and help the costs for food, spays and neuters, or vaccines for the cats.

Here is a post that I published that may be of interest to you:  What it means to be a Feral Cat Colony Caretaker

Saturday, July 18, 2015

When It is Too Hot for Cat; Heat Stroke Symptoms

Recently I published an article at a social media website that addressed the temperature tolerance of an outdoor/indoor cat, the post pointed out that all cats need shelter when temperatures soar and that they all suffer from heat stroke.  

The interaction on this post indicated that cat owners assume that cats can tolerate extreme heat and that heatstroke and other serious complications are not a concern.  One particular commenter stated that their air conditioner was broken and they left the housecat home alone when they went to a hotel because the temperature change in their apartment was unbearable for humans but they felt it was okay for their cat.
Well let me tell you this comment was the furthest thing from the truth. A cat that is accustomed to air conditioner will suffer when the temperature changes to extreme heat. Even an outdoor cat that is used to hot summer weather will suffer when the heat is extreme.
The person who left the comment in question mocked their spouse when they returned from the hotel and found the cat lying on their side, panting on the carpeted floor. She also noted that the cat had vomited. This cats lethargic appearance was red flag that cat was in distress. The husband wanted to soak the cat in cool water, to try to bring that cats temperature down and this would have been the right thing to do, as long as he did not get water on the cats face. Heat stroke is serious and a trip to the veterinarian for treatment would have benefited the cat.
Know that if the cat owner left the bathroom door open and installed ceiling fans to circulate some air and left several bowls of water for the cat, then kitty would have tolerated the temperature change in the home better. Personally I never would have left the cat in a home that had extreme heat because cats do suffer when the temperature changes; cool house to temperatures in the mid 90's Fahrenheit is too hot for a housecat that is accustomed to air cooled home.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bengal Cats Get Forever Home

I helped out one of my friends by fostering two Bengal cats that had been surrendered to a kill animal shelter. This particular shelter puts the cat up for adoption and gives them a week before they are euthanized. Sometimes animal groups will make arrangements to take the cats for adoption, but that was not the case with Frankie and Larry. These young cats had fallen through the cracks and they needed to be fostered to save their lives.

So I took the cats and agreed to foster them until my friend found their forever homes. I had the cats less than a month when I got a call that adopters were found and both cats would be going to the same home.

I was happy to see that both Bengal cats, Frankie and Larry will be going to the same home because I think it would be hard on them if they were separated having been together since birth.