Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yes Cats Communicate with Each Other

I am convinced that the feral and stray cats talk among themselves because every day a new cat finds their way to my feeding station. Some of the cats reside down the street, but that does not mean that they stay in their neighborhood. Nope you will see the cats waking down the street, then down my steep hill but instead of going to the park entrance they will turn and go down my sidewalk, all the way back to where the feeding station is. Look around and then sit down to eat.
Feral kittens hanging out by water bowl in my garage

This is why I think the cats talk among themselves. When they are hanging out they may say check out this house they put out tasty grain free kibble and fresh water. If cats did not communicate with each other than how would the cats from two blocks away know to come to my yard?
Two satisfied neighborhood cats at my feeding station by shed

Know that when I mention the cats communicating among themselves that my husband usually laughs at me. What do you think? Do cats tell each other where to get a good meal, shelter and a comfy hangout where dogs do not chase them?
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