Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bengal Cats Get Forever Home

I helped out one of my friends by fostering two Bengal cats that had been surrendered to a kill animal shelter. This particular shelter puts the cat up for adoption and gives them a week before they are euthanized. Sometimes animal groups will make arrangements to take the cats for adoption, but that was not the case with Frankie and Larry. These young cats had fallen through the cracks and they needed to be fostered to save their lives.

So I took the cats and agreed to foster them until my friend found their forever homes. I had the cats less than a month when I got a call that adopters were found and both cats would be going to the same home.

I was happy to see that both Bengal cats, Frankie and Larry will be going to the same home because I think it would be hard on them if they were separated having been together since birth.
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