Monday, June 5, 2017

Where Do Cats Go When They Leave Their Yard

Many cat owners wonder where their cats go when they leave their yard. Some cats are gone for days and others for longer periods of time. Pet owners have no idea where their cats go but they assume that eventually, their cat will come home.
Kitten came to live with us, no pet owner ever found

Your neutered or spayed cat vocally tells you that they want to go outside and soon as you open the door they bolt past you and run out of the yard. You call for your cat but they do not look back. Where is your cat going and will it come back?
Lost kitten being cared for 

Cats are social and many times they will leave their yard to go hang out with other neighborhood cats. They will also go to neighbors house provided there is a cat food bowl on the porch or catnip growing in their garden. Cats will also hang out in a neighbor's yard or a vacant lot that has a natural setting overgrown grass, brush and trees. 

(If you cat is not neutered or spayed then they will leave to mate and come home only when exhausted and hungry or they may not come home because they wandered too far and got lost.  I recommend that all cats are sterilized) 

Overall cats will leave their yard to be social and to hang out elsewhere and then go home when they are hungry or want to sleep on their favorite chair with their best friend "the dog or other cats".

Here is a photo card I created of my socialized feral cat with my dog.  They are best friends and always sleep together.

Pit Bull and Tabby Cat Friends Forever Card

Pit Bull and Tabby Cat Friends Forever Card

But….What about the cat that leaves their yard for days/weeks? There are two reasons why cats do this. One they wander too far and get lost or something in their home has changed and they do not want to live there anymore.  They find their home to be stressful and want to leave.
Know that I have had two of my neighbor's cats come to live in my yard for six months and one never went home. They one cat owner came looking for their cat after four months had past and told me that they had adopted a young female that was nasty to their older male cat, so they put the male cat outdoors, kept female indoors and assumed their male housecat would adjust. The cat left their home and decided they like my home better. Here is the article I published about one of the cats that left his people and came to live me.

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