Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cats Choose their People

Cats are social animals that will choose the people they want to be with and the yards that they want to visit. Some visits are daily and other visits seem like the cat will never go home.

Know that when neighborhood cats visit your yard that it means that the yard has a positive energy, Cats visit my yard daily, they drink from my pond, lie in my clover garden and lounge on my patio furniture. These cats are feral, stray and cats from the neighborhood. My neighbor has a pond and a natural looking yard but no cats go to their yard and I suspect it is due to the energy, they do not like cats and the felines sense this.

Here are some cat cards that I created from the photographs I took of the cats that have chosen my yard.

Beautiful Tabby Cat in Grass Garden Photo Postcard

Feral Kittens in Garden Postcard

My husband and I love cats, but that does not mean that we do not respect their space, as we make no attempts to bond with them because if we did they would not go home. We care for a feral and stray cat colony that is away from my home but we do not put out a bowl of cat food in our yard.

Know that over the years I have had two neighborhood cats decide that their visit would be indefinite. Both cats had no intention of going back to their homes. Both cats were from the same family and they were subjected to abuse. The cats decided that they wanted to live at my house and showed me that I was the chosen one by jumping up on the bench where I sat to lie next to me when I read my book in the garden.

Eventually, I did put out a bowl of food and fresh water for these cats. I also opened the kitty door on my shed so they could take shelter when the weather was extreme heat, cold and the rain.

Photo card of feral cat being fed in winter

Cat in Snow with Greeting Christmas Card

But before I did any of the above I researched the family and found that the mother was a hoarder and that she had many cats that did not get along. She trained her cats by allowing them to fight among themselves and work out their indifference. The cats that got beat up were put outdoors and the cats that ruled the house lived indoors.

Both cats that came to my yard, arrived with multiple bite wounds, and these cats were seniors, age 14 and 17. The cats choose to my yard as they are free to leave anytime between 6 AM and 7 PM ( the time when the cat shed is opened/closed.) The cats were always prompt to go in for the night because they choose their people.


If you are thinking of adopting a cat or a kitten then I would recommend that you allow the cat to choose you. Whenever we have taken in feral or rescue kittens I have told the adopters to sit away from the kittens then wait for the kitten to approach them. To allow the kitten to check them out and the kitten that shows affection is the one that has chosen them as their person. These unions have been very good and no kittens were returned to me.
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