Sunday, October 19, 2014

Adopters Love Funny Kitten Photographs

Whenever I get  cats ready for adoption I always fuss with them by grooming, brushing and clipping their nails before I take their photograph.  Last week I got a call from the veterinarian’s office where I have hung a flyer and the girls suggested that I pose the kittens for a cute photo because a client was coming in that they thought would be interested.

Here us a flyer template that i use for my cats.  It is good for hanging on bulletin boards and handing out to neighbors.  I wanted to update this flyer with adorable kitten photographs.
Kittens are fast so you need to spend a day with them to get the perfect photographs.  Well that is exactly what I did, I watched them play and tried to pose them in flower pots but they really did not like posing for the camera. I wanted to get the perfect photo that would tug on the adopter’s heartstrings, but needless to say the kittens were not cooperating. 

Generally I have my camera set for motion because kittens are fast and that darling shot may be  gone in a second. Well after an afternoon of failed attempts I happened to see my tuxedo and tortoiseshell kitten sitting on the table and I thought it was a perfect shot.

Well those buggers showed me what they thought of the camera because both of them stuck their tongue out at me.  I laugh so hard when I saw the photo but brought it with me when I went to the veterinarians office the following day.  

Well everyone fell in love with the kitten giving me the raspberry and that was the photograph that got my kittens adopted. An adopter saw the photo, and wanted to meet the kittens.  She loved them both and  here is the photo that tugged on the cat adopters  heartstrings.  

My kittens got adopted because the photo showed off their adorable personalities.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Find Best Cat Adopters with Screening and Placement Fee

Over the year I have learned many things about finding adopters for cats.  I learned that a screening interview is imperative as well as a placement fee. These two steps help me to find the best adopters for the cats.

You would think that anyone would be overjoyed to get a well trained cat that had all of their vaccines, including feline leukemia preventative, worming and spay or neuter and microchip.  Basically all of the expense of owning a kitten or cat has been taken care of and adopter need only transfer paperwork.

 Kittens are expensive and we have taken care of all of the medical expense plus training them to be perfect little housecats.

All we asked for was $50 placement fee which I thought was nominal considering PetSmart pet charities charges $60 and humane society $65.  Many times you will need to spay or neuter and get microchip on top of the placement fee.

I was surprised when the adopters that I interviewed said no to the fee.  I thought this refusal was a red flag to the cat’s well-being as many said they did not believe in getting cats vaccinated spayed or neutered because they were cats.  (Not sure what this meant but knew they had little regard for the cats)

I kept my ground and said I am sorry this kitten is not a right match for you.  

This is why I say that it is important to screen all adopters and charge a placement fee for all cat adoptions because it enables you to determine if the adopter is a good match and will take care of the cats medical needs.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Some People Should Not Adopt a Cat

In my search to find adopter for kitten I have learned that many people want cats for the wrong reason and that finding responsible cat owners is not an easy task.

Some people want to adopt kittens because they are cute, but they do not want them to bite, scratch or play too hard. They want the kittens to be trained to play on command and then sleep the rest of the day.  I suspect that these are the people that put their kittens out of the house.

Other people want a cat because all you need to do is feed them and change their litter box when it stinks.  These people think that you do not need to play with them or pet them like a dog,  because unlike a dog cats are not affectionate. So you can leave them to travel for a week an not worry.
My tortoiseshell cat in her cozy purr-pad bed in garage.

Then there are the cat adopters who only want a cat to live outdoors under their porch all year round to control the rodents, and I suspect these people have no intention of giving cat proper shelter or cat food.

Some people are eager to adopt a cat but do not take into consideration that somebody in the household is allergic to cat dander.   Even with good intentions to keep house allergen free it never works out for the benefit of the cat.

Then there are the cat adopters that associate black cats as being evil and will adopt them only to torture them and let’s not forget the people who raid the shelters for black cats for their Halloween party and then put them out of the house the next day without providing the black cat with food or outdoor shelter.

This is why I say that some people should not adopt a cat.

Finding Quality Cat Adopters is Difficult

As of this date I have interviewed four adopters for the kittens that we rescued in May when they were approximately ten days old.   These kittens were sickly due to the stress and the circumstance in which we found them, in a sack in the center of the highway median.

We took utmost care of the kittens and to make sure they were strong and healthy, after they were weaned we fed them Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth kitten food, we also had sponsors for the kittens so they received all of their rabies shots, vaccines, booster shots, worming and were vaccinated for the prevention of feline leukemia.  Then husband and I went ahead and had all kittens spayed and neutered.

The kittens are housecats that use litter box, scratching post, are trained to come when called and are all crate trained.  The long haired kittens groomed daily and short haired once a week. 

Anyone who would adopt the kittens’ would not have to do anything except transfer the paperwork. We asked for a placement fee of $50, it is less than adopting a kitten from local charities or Human Society Shelter.  

Out of the six cat adopters that I interviewed there was only one match and Harry our gray and white kitten was adopted into his forever home. The other  kittens are in waiting for their forever family .  

The other adopters were either living in apartments that had a pet restriction,  had family members that were allergic to cats and thus cat had to live outdoors full time and other wanted cat for rodent control only. 

This is why I say finding quality cat adopter is difficult.