Monday, July 25, 2016

Cute Halloween Costume for Cat

I have seen many costumes for pets, but never one for a cat and this kitty costume is adorable.  I laughed when I saw the costume and knew that my family would think it was hilarious, but I know that my cats would get freaked out  if I tried to put  a costume on them, they would not tolerate the hat. 

Putting a costume on my socialized feral cats is not going to happen, they would get scared and would spend the next several months in the back of the closet. But if you have a cool cat that is okay with wearing a costume then this pirate kitty costume is the cutest thing you ever saw.

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Tips and Warnings:

Know that when you dress any animal; dog or cat in pet costume or clothing that it is important that the fit is not too tight. You do not want to hinder their ability to walk and it should never be too tight around their neck. 

If your pet is frightened of the costume then do not force them to wear it because it will cause the pet to suffer from anxiety.

In the past, I had a dog that I would dress in sweaters and a raincoat.   That dog would hang his head in shame. However when I gave my dog a treat after I put the sweater on, my dog then attributed the sweater as positive. I would recommend awarding the cats with a treat whenever you are training them to do something new.  The award may help you to teach your cat to wear a costume.

I would suggest that if you train your cat to wear the costume then take your photographs fast.  Do not allow your cat to walk around without supervision, and never let them go outdoors in a costume.  Cats will jump onto things, and the costume may get caught on something and that would not be good.  Collars are breakaway, not Halloween costumes.
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