Sunday, April 5, 2015

Birthday Party For Cat Caretaker

Tomorrow is one of the cat caretakers birthdays and we are going to have a small party for her. I had a cat made in the shape of a tabby cat, was not too expensive as I ordered it from the bakery at Walmart. Then we all chipped in and bought her a card that I designed from one of my photographs of feral cat in our care. Her gift is a certificate. She will like that because she can buy what she wants for her pets.

We like to celebrate our cat caretakers birthdays because they volunteer their service to help out with the colony of feral cats in our care. They are cat lovers and have been very generous with their time and love for the cats. We could not do what we do if we did not have help from our cat loving community.

Here are some cat birthday cards that I have designed. If you are interested in buying them then click through to my zazzle shop.

This birthday card was designed from a photograph of Charlie, a feral kitten that came to our shelter after his mom had been wounded by a wild animal.  Charlie had been injured in the attack and we needed to trap and rush him  to veterinarian. Both  were under medical care for 21 days due to a bad bite wound and infection.  Charlie was then socialized and adopted into a forever home.

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