Sunday, April 5, 2015

Natural Supplement Improves Cat Health

I am a member of many online cat forums and have read many posts asking how to get rid of cat dandruff, improve cats coat, stop the cat from scratching and other hair/skin conditions. Know that I have been lucky and have had these cat ailments but all were remedied quickly with Ark naturals Nu-feline antioxidant supplement.
Feral cats eating wet food mixed with Arks naturals feline antioxidants

Since 2008 I have been supplementing the cats in my care diet with Ark naturals Nu-feline antioxidants.  This all natural feline supplement is made from fish protein, alfalfa grass, wheat grass and dried citrus pulp and ascorbic acid (vitamin c), vitamin A supplement, taurine, vitamin E supplement, cysteine and selenium.

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I learned about the Ark naturals Nu-feline antioxidant supplement from a friend who was associated with a well-known cat network. She told me that it was a quality product that benefited cats with FIV or other conditions that weakened the immune system, as well as cats with poor appetites, cat dandruff or other coat/skin conditions.

Results can be noticed within 10 days of adding the supplement to my cat’s food. I have noticed that the cats coat is shiny, they have more energy and less hairballs.

I also mix this supplement into the feral cats food. This nutritious supplement enables the outdoor cats to grow a thick winter coat and the antioxidant properties boost the cat’s immune system.

Learn more abut by viewing this video

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