Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cause for Cats Postage Stamps

Today I was getting my monthly bills ready to be mailed and realized that I was almost of of postage stamps. I could walk to the post office and buy a generic looking stamp but prefer to order a custom made cause stamp from  I have enough stamps for now but would need to order some for end of month bills and correspondences. So I went to my photographs and looked through my original photos of feral and rescued cats so I could make my own stamps for my cat cause.
Feral Cat lying in the woods.  Photo captured at dusk by Sgolis

My husband suggested that I get a few on cat adoption because it is cat and kitten abandonment season.   I thought I would create some postage stamps that had a message to adopt, rescue and save lives. I figure stamps like these are a good way to spread the word.

 Here are a few postage stamps that I designed at my Gifts for Cat Lovers and Photo Gifts by Susan online shop.  These stamps will promote cat awareness and the mail is a good way to get the word out to the general public. 

 If you are interested in viewing it high resolution then click through to the store. All are available for purchase and are made by print on demand.

All of these feral cat stamps were designed from the photographs of cats that I have trapped for spay or neuter, socialized for adoption or watch over at cat colony. 
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