Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Checking Kitten for Fleas

Today there was an approximately 8 week old kitten in my yard and I went out to find out if this kittens was feral or domesticated. I approached the kitten with eyes to the ground and walked slowly before sitting down on the ground. 
The kitten mowed and I knew it was domesticated. Perhaps lost or worse abandoned? I knew that woods was no place for such a small cat and so I scooped this baby up and thought I would bring indoors to feed, give water and check for fleas.

Checking a kitten for fleas especially if they are out and about close to a wooded area is important because a kitten that has fleas has a high risk of becoming anemic and this blood disorder could be fatal. 
An infestation would be fleas crawling all over the kitten and this baby would need immediate veterinary care. I was lucky that was not the case with the kitten that I found in my yard. Yes he did have a few fleas but I was able to remove them with a flea comb. Then I wiped the kittens fur with a damp cloth to remove the flea dirt.

The next thing that I will do is contact my veterinarian to find out if the kitten has a microchip, if not I will see if I can get some flea treatment for this baby.  

Then I will search for his people, may be days may be weeks.  Do know that nobody in my neighborhood (two block radius) got a new kitten recently.  At least this baby kitten will have no fleas.
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