Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feliway Comfort Zone; Best Cat Calming Product

Whenever there is change in my house my cats communicate with me by scratching on furniture or marking their territory with urine. Sometimes the changes made are not drastic; moved the chair to other side of the room, moved the scratching post, set the food bowls down in another area. While these changes to a human are minor, to a cat, that is a creature of habit, these changes are enough to cause anxiety and stress.
Cat scratching on wall due to stress

To prevent these kitty panic attacks I bought Feliway comfort zone products from The diffuser is plugged into your electrical outlet and when the substance is heated it emits pheromone into the air. When your cat breathes in the pheromone a sense of calmness comes over them. This is a great product because it is non toxic and really  makes the cat feel a sense of it's all good. 

Here is a quote by 

“The Diffuser works by using a heating element to disperse the pheromone into the air. Once present, the pet breathes in the pheromone and it attaches to a receptive organ, called the vomeronasal organ located in the nasal cavity. The vomeronasal organ then signals the brain, via nerves, and a sense of well-being is established.”

When your cat is calm then you can move your chair and scratching post, make changes to their routine, introduce new pet to the home or family member and cat will not suffer from anxiety.  This is why I say that Feliway comfort zone is the best cat calming product.


One feliway comfort zone diffuser will treat a small room of approximately 550 square feet. I needed a couple for my home and for my garage that I open up to the neighborhood cats when weather is too hot or too cold. I really like the feliway products and I recommend it to anyone who has a cat that is sensitive to change. 

Learn more about feliway cat products by viewing this video;

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