Friday, February 13, 2015

Cat Safety During Thunderstorm

There are two Bengal  cats that comes to visit my yard daily; these cats used to belong to a neighbor that resided two blocks away. But they moved and now their neighbor  in that area have been feeding and providing shelter for the cats,  however both cats seem to find their way to my yard daily. 

Normally when the weather is mild, the cats will lie happily in my yard and underneath my shrubs, sometimes they hid under the ornamental grass leaves.  It is all good, I love cats and do not mind the feline visitors. However  yesterday a thunderstorm was in the forecast  and the lightening and wind was to be fierce.  The sky was darkening and we cold hear the thunder in the distance.

The Bengal cats had no time to get back to their homw.   The cats were cowering under the overgrown foliage in the garden and my husband says “the cats will never make it home before the storm.

 We agreed to provide the neighborhood cats with shelter and decided to open up our garage for them.  

My husband picks up one cat and I picked up his sister and we ran through the rain to get to the garage.  We put both cats in a large cat cage.  Then I made up a bowl of water, food and put fresh litter in the box.  All of these items were added to the cage along with a cat bed that was sprayed with feliway comfort zone  behavior modifier to help to keep the Bengals calm during the storm.   

Husband covered the cat cage with a cotton blanket to comfort frightened cats.  I turned on the radio so they could listen to new age music.  We took steps to keep the cats safe during a thunderstorm.  

It poured rain for several hours but by late afternoon the dark clouds passed and the sun came out.  Husband went to the garage and opened the cat cage, he allowed the cats to exit our garage and the Bengal cats did not hesitate they went home. 

Do you provide neighborhood cats with shelter in an emergency? 
Would you bring a cat in out of the rain?
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