Sunday, February 1, 2015

Newly Adopted Cat Cannot Urinate

Whenever a cat shows signs that they cannot urinate then you really need to pay attention to this cat health symptom. Recently we adopted a stray cat and and took him to the veterinarians for exam, neuter, vaccines and in general made sure he was okay and safe to around our cats.

This little tabby that we call Louie is one sweet cat and he quickly acclimated to his indoor surroundings. His appetite was good, he used his litter box and got along well with other cats. Then three days ago he got out of the house and took off running to the neighborhood where his people used to live.

Louis was abandoned when his people moved and this means that he wants to go back to his birth home every chance that he gets. 

I went after him and I found him, and picked him up off the porch where he was laying. As I turned to walk off the door of the house opened and a women screamed at me to put a leash on that cat that she hated cats and did not want him lying on her porch.   I tried to tell her that he was born in that house and only went back to find his people and she yelled me again and slammed the door. I took Louie home and he seemed nervous, then that night he is straining to urinate.

Was he poisoned? Did this cat hater cause my cat harm. I don't know all I know is that we rushed him to the veterinarian emergency hospital and he had a fever, and was treated for a urinary infection and idiopathic cystitis.

Know that my other cat had idiopathic cystitis and there were symptom of this illness that occurred weeks before, the symptoms did not occur immediately after the cat returns for being outdoors.  I think there was foul play and have contacted my veternarian.  If need be I will take him to the veternarian tomorrow when they open for business. 

The emergency veternarian gave Louis two shots, medication for home care, I am watching and taking care of my adopted stray cat because he is sick and suffering from an infection that has caused him to be unable to urinate.

Here is a photo of Louie in September, he was visiting us and as you can see he is healthy.  This is when the neighbors were taking care of him, but none of us could adopt him due to our cities pet laws.  We adopted him in December after my cat needed to be euthanized and I could legally take in another cat.

This next photo was taken of Louie one month ago on the day we adopted him. 

And now he cannot urinate and I am worried about our adopted cat.
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