Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stray Cat Goes to Veterinarian; Cannot Urinate

There is a stray cat that is a regular at my garage shelter, he arrives at night before the door is shut and sleeps in the same bed. This cat is older and we have paid for his vaccines, however he was somebodies cat at one time because he came to us neutered. We suspect that his people moved and left him behind.

 Anyway this cat's behavior has changed and today I noticed that he was trying to urinate on the walls, I rushed to him and said no no kitty, picked him up and put him in his litter box. He tried to urinate there and I noticed that he could not. No urine was coming out and I knew that this was not a good sign.

Since this cat is old I thought maybe it was a senior cat deal, so I fed him his canned food and gave him fresh water and watched him, when he strained to urinate I then called the veterinarian. Know that when a cat cannot urinate it could due to blockage and this is a serious condition.

We rushed the kitty over to the veterinarian and when they went to exam him he did urinate all over himself, the exam table and in other words there was no blockage. The veterinarian said that they would like to keep the cat overnight to get urine in the morning, they also took the cats blood to make sure nothing else was going on.

We are not the type of people who euthanize cats because they are sick, and to make room for other stray, abandoned or feral cats. We always have a sick cat evaluated by a veterinarian and then follow their advice.

Know that if you cat shows signs of straining to urinate and or no urine or little urine is coming out then this is a red flag and you must take them to the veterinarian as there no way of knowing if there is a blockage.  

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