Monday, February 2, 2015

Emergency Veternarian Examines Our New Cat

Recently we adopted a stray cat from our neighborhood and everything was fine the first month and then 28 hours ago he got sick and could not urinate. Both my husband and I love this little tabby cat and are so worried about him. So in the last 24 hours we have taken our newly adopted cat to the emergency pet clinic.

Know that when your cat cannot urinate, or shows signs of wanting to urinate and nothing comes out that you need to have your cat checked asap as this is a serious condition.

As soon as we arrived the vet technician took us back to the exam room and she looked him over before and talked to us about what was going on. Husband said that our cat was in the litter box several times today but could not urinate, drops coming out. Plus our cat was pacing and irritable with dog and other cats.

All red flags that somethings was wrong. The veterinarian listened to us, then read the notes from the veterinarian that saw our cat 15 hours ago and said that he is certain that our cat has crystals and that these crystals are causing him discomfort and the feeling that he has to urinate all the time.

The behavior issues are normal for this type of infection, due to the discomfort and the cat felling like he has to urinate and nothing coming out. Husband explained our concerns suspecting foul play because it our neighborhood there have been reports of other peoples cats unable to urinate after going onto a certain block in our neighborhood.

To put our mind at ease the emergency Vet suggested we take our cat to our veterinarian and leave him there so they can get urine sample. So I am going to go to bed now, 3 AM try to get some sleep before taking our new adopted tabby cat to our veterinarian tomorrow, I will leave him in there care so they can do a urinalysis and make sure his kidneys are working okay.

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