Monday, February 2, 2015

Our New Cat Goes to Emergency Pet Care

Fifteen hours ago we rushed our newly adopted stray cat to the emergency veternarian because he was straining to urinate but could not. They treated the cat for urinary tract infection and cystitis

Our newly adopted cat was given an antibiotic and a steroid shots, and we were told to increase his liquids which we have by feeding him canned food mixed with water several times throughout the day. The cat eats very little and is urinating no more than a teaspoon.

I have been so worried about our new cat but needed to wait for my husband to come home due to the one car situation.  My husband said to wait until the morning to take him to our veterinarian since the costs and emergency vet so expensive. I told him I did not think it was wise as cats can die from a ruptured bladder from not being able to urinate.

 My husband did not need to be convinced as he saw the poor cat straining to go to the bathroom and only a teaspoon coming out.

Presently we are on route to the animal hospital. I fear that there is blockage and the cat must be catheterized or the cat was poisoned and is in kidney failure. I am so worried because this cat was fine, symptoms showed up only after he got out of the house ran to his former home, before adopting this cat he had been abandoned when his people moved away. This is why when he got out of our house he ran to the only home he knew. 

I found him twenty minutes after he got out of our house and picked him up from the porch of his former home.  The women of the house came out and yelled at me, and told me she hated cats. I cannot help thinking that she has poisoned my newly adopted tabby cat. Of course I have no proof. Another thought is maybe this cat has been eating food with corn, soy or wheat and these ingredients are GMO danger foods.  My mind is racing this way and that, because so many of the stray cats are getting sick.

Okay we are at the emergency vets now.  We are going inside, please say a prayer that my new kitty will be okay.

Tabby Cat on the day we adopted him, December 2014

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