Monday, February 2, 2015

Best to Keep Rehomed Cats Indoors

As I general rule I think it is best to keep a rehomed cat indoors until the get comfortable with their new surroundings and their  family. I say this because if you adopt a cat that is an adult and it has lived with their family for a long time and you allow the cat to go outdoors immediately it will try to find its way back to the former home.

Know that most cats do not make it back to the former home because they become lost in their new neighborhood and some cats try to cross busy streets and put their lives at risk.

I recently adopted a neighborhood cat that had been abandoned by its family when they moved. I kept this rehomed cat indoors for about a month but it was not long enough because he got out two days ago and did run to his former home.

The little tabby cat that I adopted never forgot his former home and as soon as he was able to run outdoors he went back to the house where his people used to live, a home three blocks away and across a busy street.

This is why I say it is best to keep a rehomed cat indoors. 

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