Friday, February 13, 2015

Meet Houdini our Great Escape Rescued Kitten

It takes time for kittens to develop their personalities and once they do you will be able to match their personalities with a proper name.  Meet Houdini our rescue kitten that is the master at escaping from rooms, carriers and cat cages.

In the photo you view a sweet three week old kitten that we rescued with his four siblings. This kitten is dirty and is banged up, and this is how we found him.  We suspect that he and his litter mates went without food and water because they are small and do not look healthy.

We found these babies in a trash bag that was lying in the grassy area on a busy road at night. The kittens were very small and afraid but husband and I did manage to rescue all five of them.  

We keep the kittens is a safe room away from the other animals in the house and foot traffic, in this room we have all that they need including toys, beds, litter boxes, cat tree with scratching post, cat cage and feeding station. The room is 19 x 21 so the kittens have plenty of room to play. You would think the kittens would be happy in the cat room right? 

Apparently not because Houdini found a way out of the room and out he runs, past the dog and other cats, as if to say “Here I am. “
At night we put all of the kittens in a large cat cage we latch it shut but found out that no latch was going to keep Houdini in. He broke out of that cage in no time and all the kittens followed him, running through the house and playing as kittens do. 

 Last week I put Houdini in the cat carrier and then put the carrier in the car to take him to the veterinarian, no idea how he got out but he was running all over the car and I needed to stop the car and get him.  Husband and I laugh at Houdini because he is so smart. He even knows how to open the door to our bedroom and get in to visit us. 

 Houdini will make a sweet kitty for a family, as he is fun, affectionate and will make his people smile and laugh.
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