Thursday, February 12, 2015

What to Do When Kitten Plays Rough with Humans

When my adorable rescue kitten turned two months old her inner beast came out and she decided to play rough with me, to the point that sleeping was impossible and I had to go for medical care for a scratch that got infected.

Okay it is totally normal for kittens to play rough at this age, but unfortunately along with their play they do not realize that they need to tuck those claws and bite something other than their person’s feet, hand, arm, leg and earlobe.
I have often thought that when the cat inner beast emerges that kitten must think their persons head is a giant mouse because the beast kitten will attack my head in the middle of the night, with a full claw pounce. She will also try to snuggle up in my hair and as a result many strands of hair is missing. (as viewed on my pillow in the morning) Know that sometimes those dagger claws will puncture the skin and let me tell you this darling kitten’s playful behavior is not fun at all.

Another thing beast kitten does is lick on my earlobe and then she will give it a bite. My kitten is not hungry, this is just a phase of kitten-hood I guess, but why bite me? She has litter mates to play rough with she does not need to bite me.  (None of the other rescue kittens behave like this, the runt of the litter has issues) 

So when my kitten gets that look in her eye and I know that she intends to play rough with me, I divert her attention by spraying her scratching post with catnip and I bring out her spot skinneeez forest creatures catnip toys, basically toys filled with catnip. These toys keep her entertained and she ignores my hands, feet and head. I have also clipped the dagger claws so that she can no longer scratch me.

Also I have crate trained all of the kittens and they go into a large cat cage at night.  This cage has allowed everyone to get a good nights sleep.  Know that playing rough (biting and scratching) is a phase that all kittens go through and soon it will pass.  But you must continue to clip the claws and divert their attention, teach kittens what is off limits. 
Learn how to clip your cats nails by viewing this tutorial video.

Weaning Kittens to Solid Food

Over the years I have rescued my fair share of domesticated and feral kittens and there is always one kitten that is smaller than their littermates and is not ready to move forward when it comes to being weaned to solid kitten food.

Today marks the day that the kittens in my care should all start to be weaned but the kitten I call Larry in not ready to move forward with a diet change. Larry is a black and white kitten with traditional tuxedo markings and when we rescued him he was very small, no doubt the runt of the litter.
Here is a photo of Larry when I added some kitten kibble to the KMR kitten formula. From the expression you know exactly what this kitten is thinking; “You call this food?” “Rescue person what are you trying to do to me?” 

All of the other kittens had no problem with accepting the solid food that was softened with the kitten formula, however Larry refused to taste the food.  He played with the food buy using his paw to knock the food out of his bowl.  Since he was determined to not be weaned we did make up a bowl of KMR kitten formula for him.  

Going forward I plan to add a few pieces of the dry kibble to the formula and slowly wean Larry onto the solid Blue  Healthy Growth kitten food. Know that all of the kittens are getting a bowl of the replacement milk and they will continue to get this milk until they are 3 pounds or 3 months old.  We are doing this to provide them with a strong immune system.

Author Notes:  Blue buffalo makes the Healthy Growth kitten food and on the package it states that you can feed three week old kittens the food.  Know that when we took the kittens in for their veternarian checkup at three months old the Veterinarian asked us what we fed them, he said it was excellent food and that their coat and health was due to this high quality kitten food.  I searched for online for this product, read about it and liked what I read so I bought the Blue  kitten food at  

If you have rescued kittens then I recommend that you feed them this food, because they will be very healthy, shiny coat and adopters will want a healthy and pretty kitten.

Learn more about Blue kitten food by viewing this video.